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§ L, Do You Know? §

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L Lawliet
Played at POLYchromatic 2007-06-18 to 2008-11-05

Name: Psi Yamaneko
Email: psiyamaneko@gmail.com
Livejournal: Psi Yamaneko

Oh, yet we trust that somehow good
Will be the final goal of ill,
To pangs of nature, sins of will,
Defects of doubt, and taints of blood

Name: L Lawliet (Also goes by many aliases)
Series: Death Note
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Zodiac/Birthdate/Age: Scorpio/October 31st/25
Status: Deceased
Residence: Building 5, Apartment 39 (but currently residing with Vash the Stampede)
Further Reading: About||Aliases||How's My Driving?

Appearance: L is extremely thin and his height accentuates his leanness, though he often comes across as shorter than he truly is since he hunches over. His posture is absolutely abysmal. He is slight of build for a man; having narrow and rounded shoulders and a delicate bone structure. Despite the almost skeletal joints that protrude through his clothing, however, L does possess some muscle from his years of Capoeira. He has a flat, sculpted chest and stomach and strong legs.
L has a Mediterranean face, despite being of mixed ethnic heritage. He has striking, angular features with a defined nose and lips and an olive skin tone that has been severely underexposed to natural light. While he can tan well, he is generally extremely pale, almost a light gray. His skin condition is very healthy-smooth to the touch and completely unblemished since he cleans often. This is due to him not liking the feeling of dirt and grime, not out of any desire to look appealing. The fact that he has good genes doesn't hurt.
L's most defining feature is his eyes. They are wide and dark gray, so dark, in fact, that they look almost completely black. Since he has never slept a day in his life they are further accentuated by dark bags beneath them. He has no eyebrows and long lashes so while he always looks tired he also always appears to be alertly staring at people. At one point he may have had the potential to be beautiful but as things stand, his eyes lend to his disquieting quality. Few people find the presence of a giant, talking figurine to be anything other than upsetting.
L has thick, black hair that is always unkempt and sticking out at odd angles. When wet, it is revealed to be fairly long hair by male standards. It IS clean, since he loves being clean, but he never bothers to keep it brushed.
For clothes, he keeps to baggy jeans with no belt, a white, open-necked shirt and boxers but little else. He finds the loose clothing comfortable and the shirt is made from a thin material. He never wears socks, even when he wears shoes. L could easily wear any clothing offered to him if it felt good. He doesn't care about his appearance.

Personality: L's Enneagram personality type is Type 5: The Thinker. He is an incredibly analytical young man who needs, very much, to understand things. Unfortunately, he's on the unhealthy loop. While he observes everything around him he is very much detached from the world and the people in it. He is an intense and profound individual but one who lives the life of an observer, seldom ever taking the time to understand someone on an emotional level unless he has to for a case. His own wants and needs even remain a mystery to him since he thinks his duties as an Arbiter of Justice far outweigh any personal desires he may have.
L is a recluse, and an unusual person. His social graces are lacking and he speaks frankly, seldom dressing up his words unless he wants to intimidate an opponent. He is also brutally honest and while some may find his honesty refreshing he doesn't lace it very well with tact. In his conversation, L is frequently didactic and has affected politeness, using honorifics where necessary and always saying “please” even if the request itself is something outrageous.
He values truth above all things, even his own life, and will put his neck on the line if he thinks it will drive his targets into the open. As an opponent, he is dangerous because of this. He can out think most criminals on the fly, which is why he prefers to chase only the most intelligent of criminals. While a great detective of widely known repute, he is not always dependable. He only takes cases that interest him. Cases are his life and at the age of 25 he’s managed to solve over 3500.
Though L hides himself and his identity, he is certainly no coward. He protects himself so that he may live to protect others with his abilities. L has a predatory instinct and is a master Capoeirista, more than capable of defending himself when he must.
L carries himself in unusual ways. He slouches, never stands up straight, and doesn't even sit. Instead he crouches with his knees drawn to his chin, claiming that his brain power will drop 40% if he sits in any other way. While his Capoeira skills mean he can move with blinding speed when necessary, L prefers to move slowly and his comfortable range of movement is usually small. He is constantly fidgeting with something as he thinks, usually an eating utensil, and he has a constant craving for sweets. Though his diet consists of nothing but, he never puts on weight. The brain burns more calories than any other part of the body, that is his reasoning.
He has an autistic aversion to touch and will tremble, flinch away, or kick the offending party in the face, depending on the type of contact made. He even holds objects delicately, as if mere contact were repulsive. Though he hates being touched, and having people intrude into his personal space, he has no issues touching or getting close to others. In fact, L has almost no concept of boundaries when it comes to the personal spaces of others and has been known to draw himself uncomfortably close when trying to get his points across.
L often comes across as condescending since his voice is often bored and his speech patterns are didactic. Also, he often IS being condescending. Since he does slouch and moves slowly when keeping to his comfortable range of motion he gives the impression that he's always unimpressed by the situation at hand but when excited he can move with an almost comical speed, sometimes flipping over furniture. When on a case the case gets all of his focus and he hunts his prey with his infamous predatory ruthlessness. Beneath it all, however, he is still a 25-year old male and he does play sometimes (usually at somebody else's expense) and watches after pretty girls. He does possess a sense of humor; it is just a bit sarcastic.

Background Info: When asked about his past, L has very little to say. From the little he speaks of, it can be gleaned that he is an orphan. He also seems to harbor an intense dislike for criminals, as well as an obvious disrespect for people in general. He seems to have something to prove and likely his childhood was not of storybook quality.
L was born on the Halloween of 1979 but waves away any questions regarding the place of his birth. His first eight years of life were spent being passed from foster family to foster family. Nobody could quite seem to keep up with his intellect so he found that living feral was preferable to the boredom.
L was found by Quilsh Wammy, a British inventor, when he was eight. He managed to solve a case involving explosives that, left unchecked, could have led to a third world war. Wammy raised L to utilize his intense mental ability. Unfortunately, though L put away countless criminals in his lifetime, he was only mortal, so the Wammy House orphanage was built in Winchester, England to raise potential successors to his title.
L became the best THREE Detectives in the world, having obtained the license codes of Eraldo Coil and Danuve after defeating them in the Detective War. He never showed his face and disappeared from public view entirely, only interacting with the Interpol via Mirrors and only speaking through a menacing voice filter.
Nobody has seen his face which allows him to move through crowds safely.
Beyond Birthday, L’s second Child at the House, eventually ran away from Winchester to cut a bloody swathe across Los Angeles, USA. L was quick to spot him, having had an eye out on the world, watching for signs of movement. It was during this struggle that L met Naomi Misora, an FBI agent, and was inspired to take up the martial art of Capoeira. Beyond was eventually captured and put away in a California state prison.
L’s most dangerous and difficult case was the case of Kira, a psychic killer who could murder people without ever touching them or being near them and needing only a face and a name. While he came to strongly suspect a college freshman named Light Yagami, he was unable to get any conclusive evidence. He stepped into Light’s life himself in the Kanto Region of Japan with the intent of cozying Light into revealing how he killed. Unfortunately the murder weapon, a notebook that killed whoever’s name was written upon it, existed far outside L’s personal realm of experience and Light ultimately managed to orchestrate a trap that ended L’s life on November 5th, 2004 just when he was about to close his net. L faded in Light’s arms, watching images of the House dance across his eyes. When he looked up at Light he saw the younger man smirk down at him in maniacal glee.

Mello: Explosive Child
Near: Puzzle Child

Vash: Caretaker
Wolfwood: Noise Pollution
Meryl: Noise Pollution

Light: Nemesis

Death Note is © Shueisha, Takeshi Obata & Tsugimi Ohba, all rights reserved. RP journal for POLYchromatic for entertainment purposes only. Profile code by Psi Yamaneko